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Bike fitting for your well-being on the bike
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idmatch Foot Fitting

Discover the idmatch services to improve your position on the pedals
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Bike fitting
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Cycling footbed

Improve your comfort and efficiency while cycling with idmatch footbed.
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Cycling footbed

idmatch allows you to scientifically
find the ideal set-up for your bike.

Road, MTB, Gravel, Triathlon: improve performance and comfort
according to your needs and physical characteristics

idmatch ensures maximum comfort and performance on your bike thanks to a scientifically tested fitting system.


The first analysis system without the use of markers. The software independently recognises joint junction points, determining angles of movement and angular velocities. The analysis produces a real-time self-adjustment of the simulator setting.
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3D Scanning

The three-dimensional total body scan improves acquisition accuracy and allows movements to be evaluated in all three working planes. The software autonomously recognises the joint points and determines the length of the body segments.
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The direct connection between the software and the Smart Bike allows the system to change the setting independently during the test. idmatch BikeLab is the world's first scientific system for automatic scanning and self-adaptation of the position. A database with more than 300 brands and 10,000 products allows an accurate choice of the ideal frame and accessories.
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User Friendly

A simple yet complete interface with all information guarantees easy and intuitive use of the system. The QRRS (Quick Release Replacement System) allows the saddle and handlebars to be replaced rapidly and accurately.
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Discover the idmatch BikeLab system

idmatch is the only bike fitting system that uses scientific data analysis to help cyclists find the best possible set-up to increase their feeling of comfort and wellbeing on their bike.

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