Fit Converter

The Fit Converter is a system that allows the rider to "translate" coordinates - obtained through the idmatch Bike Lab system - into traditional fitting measurements. The reference points for the bike adjustment remain BRP and HB.

From coordinates to standard measures

  • Reach from saddle to bars (d) 0
  • Saddle height (a) 0
  • Saddle setback (b) 0
  • Drop from saddle to bars (c) 0
  • Virtual saddle-pedal angle (g) 0°

From standard measures to coordinates

Reach from saddle to bars (d)
Saddle height (a)
Saddle setback (b)
Drop from saddle to bars (c)
  • BRP X 000 Z 000
  • HB X 000 Z 000

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BRP and HB
BRP Line

The BRP (Biomechanical Reference Point) is the point, common to all saddles currently on the market, where the saddle reaches a width of 70mm. Defining the BRP allows you to have a common denominator from which you can calculate all the setup measurements for your saddle. (saddle height, setback, saddle-handlebar distance and saddle-bar stem drop).

The reference HB, corresponds to the point of intersection between the bike's handlebars and stem. Defining the HB point makes it easier to correctly transfer the measurements suggested by your bike-fitting to the bike.

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